Stock Numbers

No. 454

Who is the Dealer behind these three Stocknumbers written on the stretchers?
WANTED: Information about identical stocknumbers written on other items with documents showing their provenance. There must have been atleast 454 other paintings with similar stocknumbers! We have been in contact with the Durand-Ruel family with negative result.



Exhibition Numbers

Exhibition Numbers painted in lilac colour on the stretchers.

WANTED: Documents with information about other painted exhibition numbers
painted in the same way on other Monet paintings. Verified information which the exhibition is and where it was held.
Information about similar painted exhibition numbers on other impressionist's paintings is of course also of great interest and might result in rewards as well!



Price Figure
There must exist other paintings where the price has been written in the same way in Old FFR and US Dollars.
WANTED: Documents and photos with information about the painting with similar price-figure written by the same hand and perhaps with customs stamps and info about the provenance, dealer etc.
We are greatful for all information about price-figures written in this way.
We do not know if there were customs import regulations for paintings sent to exhibitions in America. If so there must be lots of paintings with similar price figures.



Exhibition Label
Which is the Gallery/Salon/Dealer from whom this Label belongs?
WANTED: Documents & photo that verify which is the provenance and perhaps with exhibition catalogue.
N.B. This label probably matches another painting OR this painting BUT then the first version of the River Scene with the rose "Soir�e- light" - see the line "Sujet traite:" on the label.



Mysterious Writings on the back of the Frames
"Creu" "Creuse" "P Moderne" "P M" or writings by the same hand. We do not know what the meaning of these words could be. We know that Claude Monet used exhibition frames that had to be returned to Giverny if the painting was sold. We also know that his collection of frames still was at Giverny in 1975.
WANTED: Information and photos about other paintings with frames carrying the same kind of words,
written by the same hand. Please remeber that paintings by Blanche Hosched�-Monet also could have frames that might have these words written on them!



Measures of the paintings written with pencil
All three canvases their measures written with pencil by the same hand. We have reason to believe that they were framed at the same time and they certainly are framed by the same person in the same  characteristic way.  
WANTED: Information and photos about other paintings with measure figures written on the canvas by
the same hand as on our canvases. Please observe that the size figures of the Meadow-Scene is covered
by the stretcher!


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