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Suzanne in the garden (Size 51 x 44.5 cm)

Our next painting we call ‘Suzanne in the garden’. It was probably executed in 1886/87, size 51x44,5 cm.

This painting can be considered to be another missing link. No painting is, until today, known with Suzanne sewing. Several paintings are however known, with both Camille and Alice Hoschedé sewing, (Monet’s second wife).

What first strikes us, is to see the fascinating outline sketching, masterly and quickly drawn. In Monet’s finished works, this sketching can be hard to discover, since he continued to paint in several layers.

”To lay out the compositions was the envy of his friends; Monet has the great ability, he looks, and straight-way, draws in proportion, (Cezanne); Degas, too, warmly praised the intuitive accuracy of Monet’s eye.”  (House, ch. 3, p. 46).

The painting ‘Suzanne with sunflowers’, mentioned earlier, shows however, exactly the same vigorous strokes. (These two paintings have much more in common - more about this further on.)

Unfortunately we have no colour photo to compare with here. (The painting was sold at Christie’s in London 2nd December, 1985, Mandolina sale 3276, lot 8.) Thus it is hard to really see the strong relationship between these two paintings from our black & white photocopy.

Please click HERE for mirror turned comparison.

Suzanne with sunflowers

If someone, reading this, happens to have the original photo of the catalogue, it would be of great value to have access to it, in order to improve the quality of comparison. If so, please e-mail us! The real hit would, of course, be to get the chance to compare these paintings side by side!

Monet once said: “I would like to paint like the bird sings”. Please have a look at the composition of our ‘Garden scene’. You will most certainly find it delicate. Your eyes will focus on Suzanne’s face and her hand. We can feel her concentration at her work. It is a wonderful afternoon. Can you hear the birds singing? The sun is shining from behind us. Some sun rays are finding their way through the foliage, splashing on the gravel walk. Monet is busy painting, he is, as you know, already familiar with the motif, after having painted both Camille and Alice in the same scene. Today, we also have an old friend and colleague to Monet, paying a visit here in the wonderful garden at Giverny – Alfred Sisley! How do we know that? You have to wait and see. You will soon find out…!

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