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Camille Monet au canapé

Like the bees we now fly to the next beautiful flower: the painting: ‘Méditation, Camille Monet au canapé’, Musée d´Orsay, Paris, – please observe her hair and her hands! Compare with the ‘Meadow scene’ and, please also observe the fingers!

Méditation, Camille Monet au canapé

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Another bouquet of flowers is waiting for us in the next painting: ‘Portrait de Camille au bouquet de violettes’, 1876-77, not signed, (W.436). In this beautiful portrait, Camille has her hair done in a similar way, as in the Meadow and in the Garden scenes. And again we are amazed of the resemblance between Camille and Suzanne.

Portrait de Camille au bouquet de violettes

Claude Monet returns to motifs he has painted before, to find a new angle, a new light, a new experience.

He paints several canvases in front of the same scene – in different light, with sometimes small, sometimes great alterations of what he is seeing. The Garden scene is a repetition of a scene where he painted Camille, as well as Alice – and here – Suzanne. As we have seen, this goes also for the ‘Meadow scene’.

Under the poplars, sunlight effect

When we see the painting ’Under the poplars, sunlight effect’, 1887, (W 1135), we recall similar paintings with Camille as staffage in the landscape. It also gives vibrations towards the Meadow scene and the River Scene.

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