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Camille et Jean Monet au Jardin D'Argenteuil

We simply have to look at some paintings where we can get a good look at Camille and how she has her hair done. For a start let us chose: ‘Camille et Jean Monet au jardin D´Argenteuil’, 131x97, stamped signature, (W 282). This painting is in my eyes a synthesis of all our three paintings. Is it Camille or is it…?

Camille et Jean Monet au jardin d´Argenteuil

She is standing in the shadow, adjusting her hair, perhaps she fastens the red flower. Look at the way she stands with her arms raised, nearly creating a circle. She is looking at us. We have a feeling of really being there - watching. See also the creamy, white brush-strokes on her arms and the colours, and listen - the birds are singing!


The sun is shining on the grass, through the foliage to the left and behind Camille. This sun effect, with splashes of light, we recognise from our Garden scene as well, behind and above Suzanne, in the left hand top corner! (Though this yellow/brown colour of the sun splashes seems to have oxidized, and lost some of its original freshness!)

See a comparison of the two paintings HERE

See another zoom of the splashes HERE

See a sun reflection comparison HERE

Robert Gordon and Andrew Forge write in: ‘Monet’, N.Y.,1983: “Camille, her arms raised to adjust here hair, is half concealed among the flowers and foliage. Her dress is spotted with light polka dots as if in a formalised concentration of the flicks and speckles that make up the leaves and flowers and splashes of light that encompass her. She is half lost, a torso, a fragmentary glimpse, a part of a greater whole. Jean sprawls on his back in the foreground like a casually dropped toy, and his relaxed, sleepy unconscious posture speaks of fusion.”

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