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And here the journey ends...

Dear friends!

Yes, after this long journey together, it seems just like we all have become good friends. I do hope you feel the same and, of course, I hope you have found it as exciting as I myself.

Perhaps you have found something about Claude Monet that you did not know before. Perhaps you have become as convinced as I that these three paintings are all executed by ’The Last Impressionist’ Claude Monet.

Still it is Your Help that is needed to give evidence to what I hold as fully proved: That these paintings are genuine and important pieces of work by Claude Monet.

So what I kindly ask from You is: If You yourself have any possibility to find out the answer of any of all the questions asked about the three paintings and all the mysterious figures that you have seen. Please find out and let me know. Perhaps you know someone else… Perhaps you found our expedition together interesting enough, to invite someone else for a visit – please let them know.

Of course, I am very grateful for every link you can pass to friends and other websites, institutions, museums and collectors. Thank you so much for your kind help and your interest. Please come and visit us again. Perhaps you will find that something new has come up. This is what it is all about – You think that you have seen it all and suddenly there is something new again – something you have seen but not thought of; not understood; something that perhaps has seemed so unimportant and suddenly you realize that it certainly is not unimportant, and on the contrary certainly not there by accident! Remember?

Take care – and welcome back! This page is still under development and will be updated continously.

Sincerely yours

Hans Cederberg


If you have any information or questions about our three paintings or something concerning this page please don't hesitate to send me an email. All emails will of course be answered.

My email is:


Question: Have any experts seen the paintings?

Answer: No expert has, so far, seen the paintings in reality!

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