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Statement from  Daniel Wildenstein

This is the answer received from Daniel Wildenstein. Please note that he never saw any of our three paintings in reality. Below you can also see the pictures of the two paintings that we sent to Mr Wildenstein. Please note that the dark brown varninsh wasn't lifted off the paintings at that time. The third painting (The Meadow Scene) was bought at a later auction and therefore not seen by Mr Wildenstein.

Widenstein letter

The Meadow Scene (original state)
The Meadow Scene (original state, dark brown varnish not removed)

Please observe the right unvarnished part of the canvas. The painting was varnished while still in the frame and the part of the picture with the Sisley signature covered by the frame was left unvarnished.
The River Scene (Original state)The Meadow Scene (original state, dark brown varnish not removed)

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