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The little green dash

See how the sun shines on and through the hat. See how the shadow from the hat is falling down on her breast!

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Now please observe the small dashes of green colour on the model's hat and how they intensify the feeling of depth in the scene. These small dashes are enough to give us, in our minds, the definitive impression that the model really is sitting out there – in the sunshine, in the ‘Norvègienne’, out on the river!

Let us call this little green dash our first small evidence of the masterly hand! We will soon learn, that Claude Monet did not do anything at random.

Willow leaves

Let us also observe the willow leaves, on which the sun is shining bright, even shining through them, and almost transforming them into sunrays.

Why not compare ‘Weeping willow’, 1918, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, (W.1869). The light in this painting is almost supernatural, but still built up in a similar way. Monet is standing in the shadow, painting the light.

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