Here you can follow the evoloution of the River Scene

Boat at the same level as the artist painting

Sketchbook 6, page 52
New viewing point. Monet standing at the beach painting.
Skecthbook 6, page 12
Sketchbook 6, Page 12
Sketchbook 6, Page 14
Sketchbook 6, Page 14 
The Boat, W1154
Sketchbook 6, page 51
Sketchbook 6, page 51
Deux Femmes En Barque Sur L'Epte, W:D335
Sketchbook 6, page 1
River Scene, first version ( infra-red photo)

The model is now Suzanne Hoschedé. Please observe how she is sitting in the left hand corner of the boat.
The river Scene X-ray photo

 It is obvious that there must have been another person sitting opposite otherwise Suzanne should have been sitting in the middle stern.
IR Photo of the River Scene
River detail
Please observe how Suzanne is sitting in the left hand corner of the stern. This tells us that there must be a second person opposite in the boat. Now we have found that there really is a second person, indicated opposite in the boat!  See her  hat and head. The shoulders indicated by a long brush-stroke - like a vault - just like what we find in the painting below. See the comparison pointed out by red arrows.

Same kind of long brush strokes indicating shoulder. 
Most certainly is the figure in the stern Alice Hoschedé. Please observe how she is sitting in the left hand corner of the boat.
The River Scene
River Scene
Sketchbbok 6, page 8
Sketchbook 6, Page 8
The Blue Barque
The River Scene (mirrored)
The River Scene, second version detail.
Young women in Boat
La Barque Rose
Boating on the Epte

The rose light reminds us of the first version of our River Scene.
Exhibition label
Exhibition label on the frame of the River Scene. Title "Soirée Rose?" We do believe that this could be the first version of the River Scene exhibited probably in 1887. Please note the marks from screws. It is evident that this frame must have been used as an exhibition frame afterwards.
The Novégienne

 Claude Monet
1840 - 1926
On the Boat
Oil on canvas 145.5 x 133.5 cm
Signed and dated lower left: Claude Monet 1887
Matsukata Collection

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Monet painted several images of his family boating along the Epte River, just before he finally settled in Giverny. This work is one of the most highly finished of a series of paintings entitled Boating. The blue and rose coloration that suffuses the scene contrasts with the freshness of green and vermilion to create a rich, dreamlike figural image. The figures shown are Suzanne and Blanche, two of Mrs. Hoschede's children. The composition of boldly slicing the boat in half indicates Monet's study of the art of photography and Japanese ukiyoe prints.
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